Benefits of UV Gel Nail Polish over Regular Polish?

The beauty industry is very versatile, with new trends and products coming up, almost each passing day. You are probably one of those who is hyped by the growing nail care trend of using UV gel polish, or you have heard about it but don’t understand what the hype is all about.

What is UV Gel Nail Polish?

A UV gel nail polish is almost similar to the traditional polish. It comes in a variety of colors and depending on the brand, in little pots. Most of the UV polish brands in Brampton come with a brush that one uses during application.

Both the traditional and UV polish are applied in thin coats. However, when using the UV gel polish, you have to cure it in between the coats using a particular nail curing lamp. It is normal for people to wonder whether the hype around the UV gel polish is worth it, and even its pricing.

I mean, everybody wants value for their money. And if a service needs you to splurge on it, then, it better be worth the investment. Maybe going through the advantages of UV gel polish will convince you.

Benefits of UV Gel Polish

  • The most important part of a nail polish is the amount of time it stays without chipping. That is second after being a beautiful handiwork. Using UV gel polish lasts longer than the traditional polish, without chipping. It can even last longer than two weeks.
  • Do you have thin nails? UV gel nail polish is suitable for you. You should give it a try if you have brittle or weak nails.
  • It takes a shorter time to dry as compared to traditional nail lacquer, especially, if you want a manicure in a short period, without fear, of smudging your polish.
  • It is easy to remove. Though the gel polish doesn’t chip when you expose it to hand creams and soap water, you only need to soak it for 5 minutes in an acrylic remover, then, rip it down.
  • The finishing using a UV gel polish has no scratches or dents
  • Mar 05, 2019
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